Thursday, May 27, 2010


Many things have been changed. I don't know why I got this feeling... Do you think so? I really miss my school life and uni life... Now when I'm thinking of stepping both legs into the society, I feel scare. Issit I didn't work before? That's why I cant feel the pressure. Erm... Now only I understand my parents' situation, I love them and they really fight against everything to earn for us... I really feel alone right now and feel that I have lost many things soon. Bro, good luck for you all. Now I only know that I really need much time to adapt myself in a new life, new place and new culture. Hope I can fight for it...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Great Job Sarawakians

Sibu!!! Sibu!!! DAP menang!!! DAP menang!!! Everytime when the election is approaching, then you will find that BN is going to lose lots of money to the citizens. Before the election in Sibu, PM has done many things to win the citizens' heart such as donation to the "Chinese School". Erm... Let's think of it!!! Issit true we can only get the donation from government once the election is carried out at particular place? This kind of charity work, please la!!! Dun be always the last minute. Haha!!! Money can be used to buy many things, but it cant be used to gain back the citizen's heart in this way... Now BN is worrying that now they can only build government relying on 3 largest states, namely Sabah, Sarawak and Johor. If they lose 1 of them, they will be in critical state... They are worry. "Some of them may say they lose because of the less commitment of Chinese??? Malaysia population is 26 millions. Chinese and other races are only approximately 6 millions and 4 millions respectively. Even though all the non-Malays dont support them, the BN still can form the government... Do they know??? Here is Malaysia, people here are Malaysians. We are in one country, having the same nationality. We must respect and support each others... "If you (BN) were good enough, no one can beat you... Remember this!!!"

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Job and Suitable Job

The people around you who will say that it's very difficult to find a job right now. Especially those who are in the last year in the university, seacrhing many ways for instance, jobstreet, to find a job... Do you think that finding a job is difficult nowadays? In my own opinion, it's false... Conversely, if I ask, do you think that finding a suitable job is difficult? I will say it's true in this case. Don't force yourself to accept a job which is not suitable to you. Think carefully, think seriously before you take further action. Some people will tell you that you can change the job anytime if you don't like it anymore. Besides, your salary will increase too. I won't say it's not true if you are an intelligent guy. This is because they think that he can't get back what he should own... If you are an employee, no matter how many times you change your job, you are still an employee, working for others. What is your expected salary increase everytime you change your job? RM100? RM300? Rm500? :) Don't know? Haha!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Starting from today, I still have almost 2 months to say goodbye to my university. It can be considered as a great moment. But why I'm unhappy with it??? For a person who cant get his/her "direction", how can he/she enjoy it? Lately, many career talks from different companies have been carried out. Even some companies sent email to us for employment. For instance, Scott Wilson Sdn Bhd, H&T consultancy firm and Gamuda. It's definitely amazing for graduates. But I still dunno what I want (PhD or Work), which company should I choose if I prefer working, and which university I should select for getting my PhD if I choose further studying...? Haiz... It's hard for me to decide...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Why Dogs Cant Be Eaten???

One of the hot issues in this world - whether the human beings should take dog meat for consumption is hard to find out one exact answer. Some of my classmates were discussing about the cruel of Korean. Cruel??? Killing people? Definitely not... This was due to the Korea government approved the dog meat consumption in their country. Erm... How about you? What is your opinion? Killing animals is a cruel process. And I think most of the people in this world will be sad to hear about it. Fish, pigs, cows, prawns, goats, sheeps, horses and etc... are they animals? Then why you all can be so enjoyable when having them as meals? Issit they should be killed? Each animals have their role in this world. Just like horses, our ancestors would treat them as a transport. Cows, which are extremely useful in agricultural sector. Dogs, which help to look after the house. But once their population is too high, it will cause us some problem. It will cause the ecosystem to be imbalance. I think it should be true. But if u told me you dont understand what is ecosystem??? :p Just find some biological reference books to have a look or searching from internet which is the easiest way in this technological world. So far, I still cannot find out what is the bad effect of dog meat consumption... That's why there is a dispute between me and my lovely friend... :p Haha... Try to have a rasional thinking... Think everyting in two ways... Then you will understand my situation.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Unpredictable, Ball Is Round...

3.30am... Just come back from Mamak!!! I have enjoyed my favourite team, Arsenal... Win 2-0 against West Ham United. Before the match, Arsenal is a very hot team to take this match down. But it has been changed once Vermaelen (Arsenal defender) is being sent off before the half time. Haiz... Can be said it was a wrong decision. :'( But Arsenal is still able to score another goal with 10 men play. Ya... This is what I want to mention here, Arsenal is lucky!!! Ball is round!!! Even Arsenal just plays with 10 men, Arsenal still able to score another goal. That's why, we should not give up easily if the hindrances emerge. Nonetheless, we shall fight until the last minute... And finally, Arsenal did it... I'm proud of them... Arsenal... Keep on moving... You can do even better than now in the future. :) Yeah!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spirit Is Gone!!!

Hi, thanks for those who really enjoy reading my posts. :) Really don't know why??? Where is my reading spirit now? I have lost it. Come back!!! Please come back!!! I really loved to read and study all the time in my 1st year in university. Got ambition at that time. I met more friends in 2nd year. More friends is proportional to more games/outdoor activities... More worse in 3rd year, the activities were almost have the same percentage as my study time... Really what the hell is going on??? Now I'm in 4th year. I really have no eyes to see. I just try to skip all my study time. No more spirit to face the books. Am I a normal student? Issit normal student will have such behaviour? How is your university life in 4th year? :p